Laurel's Powerful Paul

Laurel's Powerful Paul- a shire stallion that we bred and raised, (sadly recently deceased).  His dam is Folly Farm Cinnamon Surprise (deceased) and sire Rock Creek Ben (deceased) Powerful Paul was owned by War Horse Farm in Minnesota, and his last home was with Found Feather Farm in North Carolina.

Shire Stallion

EFF Laurel's Carolina

EFF Laurel's Carolina- is a stunning grey mare with amazing scope.  Sired by an old Crabbet Arabian (Numerology), now deceased and out of Windsor Farm Eleanor. She has been trained for dressage and has done very well, achieving the Legion of Honor for Half Arabians in dressage. She shows you what these Shire Arabian crosses can do. Heidi Lanners calls them Shirabs and searching indicates that there are very few of them being bred. Usually Shires are crossed with TB's and now with Gypsies for Drums.


Laurel's Ashley

Laurel's Ashley - 10 year old bay daughter of Windsor Farm Eleanor and is one of the few Powerful Paul foals we bred. At just a hair under 18hh, she has substance, conformation, and beautiful suspended movement that one would not expect from such a large horse. She also has heavy feather and a double mane. (In this photo feather is damaged from our very wet winter here and her feather succumbed to rot). 
SOLD - congratulations to Terry Kirkland Cook in North Carolina!

Shire mare

Laurel's Marley

Laurel's Marley - Bright red bay Shire x NSH, born May 9, 1993, the last offspring of the half Arabian mare Thundalara who was born 4-19-68! Marley is 16hh, was originally trained for dressage, then spent 4 years being trail ridden to the beach and mountains. She moves very beautifully with a lot of suspension. Her sire was Rock Creek Ben, the sire of Laurel's Powerful Paul now owned by Found Feather Farm in North Carolina.

Shire-NSH mare

Laurel's Firefly

Laurel's Firefly- is a Welsh Cob Sec. D crossed with an Arabian stallion. This cross is called a Welara and are considered by the Queen of England to be the most beautiful of ponies, they call horses "ponies". Firefly, AKA "G-man" has been started in dressage and is doing quite well.

Welsh Cob Sec. D-Arabian

Laurel's Jonathan

Laurel's Jonathan - 2 yo old bay colt sired by Oregon Fame out of Victoria.  He will be trained for dressage.

Shire-Arabian colt

Laurel's Baby Georgia

Laurel's Baby Georgia-is a bay mare sired by a 3/4 Andalusian 1/4 QH (foundation Azteca) whose dam is Laurel's Victoria. She is now old enough to be started in dressage and is obviously much loved by her owner Danielle. Take a look at that gorgeous neck and Iberian head!

Shire-Azteca mare

Laurel's Linzy

Laurel's Linzy - Black and white tobiano filly - Welsh Cob Sec. D x Gypsy Cob. Born May 17, 2006. What a gorgeous filly!! Moves very well, has quite a bit of feather.  Very sweet calm disposition. Will make a great mid-sized sport horse, and will most likely make a great jumper. Dam is Laurel's Erin, daughter of Maid Marian sired by Clononeen Clover Hill, an Irish Gyspy Cob imported from Ireland May 2004. Can be shown in Welsh shows and in some gypsy shows depending on the registry you choose. Spending a month at the trainers

Congratulations to David Poor and family, Chehalis, WA on the purchase of this Gypsy Sport Horse

Welsh Cob Sec. D-Gypsy Cob mare

Laurel's Lark

Laurel's Lark - This filly is a spectacular grey and white, her mom is Czari, a registered Arabian mare.  She could be an awesome endurance horse, or all around quality sport horse, registerable as a half Arab or half gypsy and could be shown in both types of shows. No doubt she will be able to jump too.
Congratulations to Heidi Lanners in Rapid City, MN!

Gypsy Cob-Arabian

Laurel's Lincoln

Laurel's Lincoln - Striking 1/2 Gypsy colt!  Look at this bone and feather - if you want a horse that looks like a fullbred Gypsy, here he is!  Lincoln should mature around 15.hh and can be registered as a half Welsh Cob Sec. D and shown in Welsh shows, or registered as a half Gypsy in the GCSA or GCDHA. The cross between a Welsh Cob Sec. D and a Irish (Gypsy) Cob is a very good one, considering that that both have similar backgrounds, no doubt including Shires or Clydesdales.  If you want a horse that stands out with excellent conformation, personality, trainability, and gait, here he is!

SOLD! Congratulations sold to Sandy Peterson of Langlois, Oregon!

Gypsy Cob & Welsh Cob Sec. D colt

Laurel's Lovit

Laurel's Jena

Laurel's Jena - Chestnut filly Welsh Cob sec. D x Arabian. Born March 18, 2004. Very cute filly with a splendid disposition, loves to come visit. Lovely gaits, she has now had one month of professional training. Sire is Oregon Fame, an Arabian of champion blood lines, dam Winterlake Catrin, a nice heavy cob mare from traditional bloodlines. Can be shown in half arab and Welsh shows.

SOLD! Congratulations on the purchase of Jena by Sylvia Allen.
Laurel's Lovit - will be grey colt - Missouri Foxtrotter of unknown origin x Arabian. Born May 14, 2006. This is a hot little colt with lots of get up and go, now a red bay but is turning  to grey. Will probably mature around 15.1hh, will make a terrific saddle horse for someone who wants a lot a pizzazz and fire. Sire is Laurel's Oregon Fame EFF. Can be shown in 1/2 arab shows. 

Lovit is currently for sale!  See at:

Foxtrotter-Arabian colt

Welsh Cob Sec. D-Arabian filly

Laurel's Girard

Laurel's Girard - a black gelding out of our Welsh Cob mare Maid Marian sired by a black Arabian stallion Magic Magic. Our trainer marveled at his wonderful unflappable disposition and trainability.
Congratulations Betty of Myrtle Point, Oregon!

Welsh Cob Sec. D-Arabian gelding

Member of Arabian Horse Association, Welsh Pony and Cob Society, American Drum Horse Society, USEF, & Life Member of American Shire Horse Association.